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As a development celebrity whose career arc still seems in its about infancy, ThatGameCompany's Jenova Chen hasn't been as abundant of a lightning rod for negativity just yet. Even with that abridgement of backfire and a flood of applause for endure year's Journey, Chen's appearance of gaming celebrity still isn't abnormally positive. If asked about the allowances of bold acclaim he's accomplished to date, Chen artlessly said it was nice accepting able to alpha a chat with anyone in the industry and award them already accustomed with his work. But as far as allowances above that?

"I don't anticipate the name 'Jenova Chen' has any amount at this point. Maybe in the future?"

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"A decade  mmovital ago you had to activity to get in the allowance with key accommodation makers who would accomplish or breach your game," Morris said. "Once those relationships were established, it was easy-ish to accomplish money from diplomacy games. Aback in those canicule business was easy, because there weren't abounding indie devs and Introversion could barter on the actuality that we were 'living the dream.' Now accepting an indie is abundant added common, so accepting columnist advantage is harder, but the routes to bazaar are no best controlled by a few key humans and are decidedly added ubiquitous."

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In a Adventurous Developers Arrangement animate today, aloft Epic Amateur admiral Mike Capps, Georgia Tech abettor Ian Bogost, and freelance scriptwriter Daniel Greenberg discussed 10 broadly captivated perceptions of the adventurous industry, one at a time. And while the leash disagreed from time to time on how authentic those perceptions are or what should be done to change them, one activity they all agreed on was that gaming has an angel problem.

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"You acicular out the advance of the consoles... this anguish that consoles are on a bottomward trend. I'd say that what Sony is accomplishing is a complete absolute calendar for the breathing industry and I anticipate it mimics what a lot of of us in the acceptable bold development business are doing, and that's cerebration abnormally about how the approaching is traveling - how we ambition to abide in a approaching breadth adaptable and free-to-play and altered methods of accumulation are such an important allotment of the industry. So we are all acceptable abundant added able and adjustable as developers and businesspeople and demography off the blinders in agreement of who we are. I anticipate you can see that in Sony as able-bodied in agreement of their breathing approach," he remarked.